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LHS Project Graduation Board

Project Director

Tiffoney Lajaunie


Melissa Gourgues

Event Director

Christy Gegenheimer

(504) 782-5747

Funding Director

Amber Pittman

(985) 373 -7774


Kiley Bernard

(985) 630-7723

Prizes Chair

Darnell Epstein

(985) 789 -1486


  • LHSPG is a cooperative endeavor between Lakeshore High School Project Graduation and the surrounding community.

  • LHSPG was formed in the fall of 2010, by four parents determined to provide the very first graduating class of LHS, class of 2012, a safe and enjoyable celebration on their graduation night.

  • LHSPG conducts fundraising and sponsorship, solicitation, event planning, and volunteer manpower in order to provide a once in a lifetime graduation celebration for LHS graduates.

  • LHSPG supports other alcohol and drug-free alternatives that encourage positive choices by youth, and promotion of parental and community awareness.

  • Our motto is "A Celebration They Will Live to Remember."

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